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I had a random thought that sparked more thinking… December 16, 2009

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I’ve never had a blog. The whole concept of spilling all of my thoughts into a webpage for the whole world to see (if I so choose) is somewhat bizarre to me. Regardless, I am doing it anyway. So, here it goes:

I’m eighteen years old. I haven’t figured everything out, and even though I would like to have everything make sense, I don’t think it ever will, and I don’t think it’s supposed to. I think we start out with the assumption that we’re on this mission for some kind of knowledge that will give us all the answers, only to realize that we aren’t meant to find the answers; we’re meant to find a way to be content with the unknowingness that is a major part of life.

Sometimes life doesn’t always go as planned; it can be cruel and unfair. At the point when this realization occurs, people tend to lose faith. It may be a crappy analogy, but I compare it to the time I finally came to the sad understanding that Santa Claus really never existed. When you’re a little kid, the world is full of all these possibilities and ideas that your parents put in your head without really realizing that they were ┬ájust setting you up for disappointment. You can’t REALLY be ANYTHING you want to be when you grow up. That statement turns into “You can be anything you want within reason.” It takes a lot to stay optimistic, and it takes even more to keep that small flame of magic that life holds when you’re a child aflame.

Everyone starts out with a plan, but those plans don’t always work out. Everyone thinks they know who they are, only to discover that they are someone else entirely. It has become my intuitive conviction that a person must be passionate about, not just one thing in life but life itself, before they can really find themselves. That may be an asinine statement, but everyone is entitled to their own beliefs and opinions, and that is mine.